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Pritzker Students

Take on Misinformation

Infographics employed to build trust in COVID-19 vaccines

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To see our students, to see physicians actually being able to access scientific communication skills is priceless. No matter what the topic is, whether it's a protein all the way to health disparities, they're bringing that topic to life and saying, this is my passion, and this is why you need to care.

Vinny Arora, MD
Dean of the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine
ITM Physician Researcher
Sara Serritella

Being able to connect with and communicate to a lay audience is an essential skill for all physicians and researchers so that everyone can benefit from healthcare and science. As we saw during the pandemic, these skills can literally have life or death implications.

Sara Serritella
Lecturer at The University of Chicago
Director of Communications, Institute of Translational Medicine (ITM)
"Health literacy is a critical part of health equity."
National Academy of Medicine
90% of adults don't have the health literacy they need to navigate the health care system.